Time to Wrap Up!


Recently I got an E-Mail from Apple that it’s time to upload Spectrum Run:

Dear Tobias Hagemann,

You have not yet uploaded a binary for your app, Spectrum Run. Our records show that this app was created in iTunes Connect more than 150 days ago.

If you do not upload a binary for your app by 01 October 2012 (Pacific Time), it will be deleted from iTunes Connect. The app name will then be available for another developer to use.

I was quite in shock, because I didn’t know that there were time constraints, but I can’t deny that it totally makes sense. They’re preventing people from blocking potential App names for too long. But I had to register the App, because I had no experience with Game Center and you can’t test it without registering. Next time I know better! :wink:

You can expect a release in October! I’m getting so excited, hopefully everything goes well! :smile: