The Shit Is Hot

You have to guess how many hits the shown terms generate in a search engine and place them in the correct order. This project is inspired by the segment Der Scheiß ist heiß on NEO MAGAZIN ROYALE.

Evolution XPert

Evolution XPert is an assistant app for Pokémon GO which helps players optimize their evolution XP gain. The app deduces the right amount of Pokémon of a particular kind to transfer in order to maximize the amount of possible evolutions.

Spectrum Run

Jump, dive, and slide through gates with the right color in a challenging hunt for the highscore in Spectrum Run. Master your reaction time while Doc White is gaining speed. Earn achievements and challenge your friends on Game Center.


tooPassword for iOS offers read-only access to AgileBits' 1Password keychains. The project has been discontinued and is now fully open source. You can still download it for free on the App Store.

Bach Flower

Bach Flower by Lemon Pharma lets you select suitable flower essences directly and quickly. Find your individual Bach flowers intuitively through images of the Bach flower essences or that suit your current emotional state.


THLabel is a subclass of UILabel, which additionally allows shadow blur, inner shadow, stroke text and fill gradient.


Get notified when your grades for Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg (H-BRS) have updated. sissy is available for iOS and macOS, both run 100% locally.


Automatically scrape Stadt Bonn's Dienstleistungszentrum appointment service for the earliest month that you can book. If the bookable month is the one you desire, you'll get notified by email.