Know Your Tools

Using new tools and learning to use them can be overwhelming. If you have been hesitant to approach something new, don't be. Take the new year as an opportunity to learn new things and get started right away!


Reviewing 2017

I'd like to take a moment and look back on 2017. I've been quite busy establishing a company with my colleagues. It's challenging but rewarding. I'll summarize some highlights of Skymatic and I think it'd be fun to create my own "best of" lists.


The Path of Least Resistance

I've mostly chosen the path of least resistance for my decision-making. It's somewhat controversial, but this way of thinking has (not only, but mostly) positively complemented my decisions and supported me at solving problems in a creative way. This is not a blog post about giving advice. I wanted to reflect on the...


The Math Behind Evolution XPert

I’ve released Evolution XPert for iOS last week (a calculator app for Pokémon GO; Manu made the Android app) and I wanted to share with you the math behind it. Obviously, there are similar projects due to the massive success of Pokémon GO, but all the calculators I’ve seen so far lack in their implementation. Projec...


1 Year Spectrum Run

How time flies! Spectrum Run was released a year ago. It’s time for a new blog post on my current developments. What happened in the meantime? Updates, other apps, iOS 7 (oh boy…), lots of prototyping / “hidden” development, Tobi’s Weekly [Update: Removed], and of course I still have to study. :laughing:


Updates, Updates, Updates

I haven’t been really creative in the last couple of days/weeks. I guess I had to step back a little from all the hard work. There is no way I can stop completely though, because I enjoy coding and designing apps too much! :smile:


What I've Learned from tooPassword's Release

Trust is hard to gain. Security of passwords is a very sensitive subject. People believe we are hackers, crackers or something like that. Kerckhoffs’s principle is a good read, why we’re not breaching any security. Even AgileBits blogged about us, because people were complaining. Communication solves a lot of misund...


Release of tooPassword This Sunday

tooPassword is something I’ve been working on lately and it’s already ready for release! It’s coming out this weekend on March 3, 2013. Check out my blog post [Update: Offline] there for more details. Basically it’s a low-priced 1Password reader for iOS! :smile:


Spectrum Run 1.0.2 Update

Spectrum Run 1.0.2 update just came out and offers more iOS 6 features. The changes are:


THLabel – UILabel Subclass

I am releasing a UILabel subclass, which allows shadow blur, stroke text and fill gradient. You can find it here: tobihagemann/THLabel