Spectrum Run Release


As you may know, Spectrum Run finally has been released! You can get it here. The past two weeks were crazy. It obviously started with submitting Spectrum Run to Apple. After 10 days staring at the status “Waiting For Review”, it switched to “In Review”. 3 hours later the game got rejected, because I used misleading Achievement titles, which were too similar to an Apple Trademark. Yeah whatever, I didn’t even think of it, but no problem, I fixed (or changed) it instantly. I had to wait another day until the status went from “Rejected” to “In Review” once again. This time I had to wait 7 hours and the status finally went to “Ready For Sale”. :smile: It was 4 am in Germany and I checked my phone at 5 am, because I got awake by accident, and certainly couldn’t continue sleeping anymore after those pleasent news! :laughing:

I have learned so much in the last 6 months, but there’s still a lot do. I’m considering every feedback and make the game better with Updates!