THLabel – UILabel Subclass


THLabel screenshot
THLabel screenshot

I am releasing a UILabel subclass, which allows shadow blur, stroke text and fill gradient. You can find it here: tobihagemann/THLabel

I know that there are already classes out there like OHAttributedLabel, FXLabel and KSLabel, but none of them fulfilled all my needs for my game. My motivation was:

Thanks to Kai Schweiger for making KSLabel, which started my own implementation, and Nick Lockwood for making FXLabel, which is just insanely great, and I adapted most of his framework.

I had to reorganize the drawRect: method several times, which caused me a lot of headache. :smile: For learning purposes I built the class from ground up, that’s why I didn’t just enhance FXLabel for example.

If you find any bugs or want to give feedback, I’m happy to hear them! :smile: