Release of tooPassword This Sunday


tooPassword is something I’ve been working on lately and it’s already ready for release! It’s coming out this weekend on March 3, 2013. Check out my blog post [Update: Offline] there for more details. Basically it’s a low-priced 1Password reader for iOS! :smile:

While Sebastian and I were developing tooPassword, he came up with the idea to release some parts of the source code. We were also relying on open source code during development, so this is kinda our “thank you” back to the world! :wink: You can get a look at SETOlib [Update: Deprecated] on GitHub. It contains only one class yet, but we’re going to extend it with time.

Also we registered our “company / business” (don’t know the English equivalent, in German it’s “Gewerbe”) today, so we’re eager to release more and great apps together! :smile: