What I've Learned from tooPassword's Release


Trust is hard to gain. Security of passwords is a very sensitive subject. People believe we are hackers, crackers or something like that. Kerckhoffs’s principle is a good read, why we’re not breaching any security. Even AgileBits blogged about us, because people were complaining. Communication solves a lot of misunderstandings.

More tests or at least more testers. We ran into some major issues with version 1.0, which was devastating for us. In the first hours, when the emails came in with problems, we were in panic mode. Luckily we found temporary solutions [Update: Offline] after a while and the people were very friendly, but it didn’t make a good first impression. Sorry for that! But we’re quite happy that we have good security design, so that people’s data will never get compromised.

App Store updates are a pain in the ass. We fixed all the bugs in a couple of hours, but updates take FOREVER on the App Store. The update version 1.0.1 is still “Waiting For Review”, and even update version 1.0.2 is almost good to go, which fixes some more bugs. :expressionless:

App Store keywords are a stupid joke. You can’t find our app, if you’re searching for “1password”. What stupid shit is this? You find other crappy non-relevant apps, but not tooPassword, which is the ONLY 1Password reader?? Ridiculous. We have an assumption why it’s like that, maybe we can fix our keywords with 1.0.1, but we’re really pissed.

Building up awareness is hard. Maybe it’s a good thing that we’re not known in the US yet. We couldn’t have handled more emails. Hopefully people will know about us, when the updates are out, because I believe tooPassword has great potential. There must be more Mac users using 1Password, but aren’t using it on their iOS device.

AgileBits is awesome. Well I guess they hate us as competitors, but they were very friendly and I hope we stay in touch! In my eyes it’s all about the user, and not about the vendor.