Updates, Updates, Updates


I haven’t been really creative in the last couple of days/weeks. I guess I had to step back a little from all the hard work. There is no way I can stop completely though, because I enjoy coding and designing apps too much! :smile:

Spectrum Run has been updated to 1.0.4, because I broke the achievement notifications with 1.0.3, which OF COURSE I realized over a month later during the free promotion. This is just fantastic! :laughing: Another thing is that I really want to release a major update. I’ve been thinking about integrating the iPad, or stepping up the highscore and achievement challenges to a whole new level with a new game mode. Not quite sure yet.

tooPassword has been updated to 1.0.2, which includes some critical bug and crash fixes. It should be stable and reliable now! Phew! We’re already working on a major update version 1.1 with an amazing new feature. You’re going to hear about it in a month or two, I can’t express how excited I am, because it’s something no one has ever done before!!

I’m working on another app, which needs a lot of my attention right now, but it’s nothing I can talk about. Bummer. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

THLabel got some attention in the last days, because it was posted on CocoaPods. Didn’t expect that at all. That’s why I’ve submitted it to Cocoa Controls, maybe it will have a similar effect. ;)

Sebastian has updated SETOlib with a new class called SETOBlockingAlertView. It’s able to show an alert view, that blocks the background thread until the alert has been dismissed. Neat stuff!

So what’s next? The new semester starts on Monday. I’m going to attend a lecture about game development, which I’m preeetty excited about! :smile: Maybe it’s even time for a new game or app, because I don’t want to get stuck on updates, haha.