Know Your Tools


Using new tools and learning to use them can be overwhelming. If you have been hesitant to approach something new, don't be. Take the new year as an opportunity to learn new things and get started right away!

Don’t be afraid to use a new tool and to experiment with it. Of course, there is a learning curve. In most cases, nothing bad happens if you’re doing something wrong. If it’s a tool that can be indeed harmful in any way, consult someone that has experience with it.

Take your time learning to use a new tool. Read the documentation, manuals, tutorials, blog posts or watch videos on how to use it. If you have to learn the fundamentals first, then do it. It may take some more time but you’ll benefit from it in the long-term.

Be patient with yourself. It can be quite frustrating if you don’t know anything about a tool you’re about to use. Just remind yourself that everyone is going through this phase and that it’s going to be a joy once you’re comfortable using it.

Keep an open mind and review the new tool. Also consider the tools you’re currently using. There may be many reasons why a tool is not suitable anymore. Maybe you just had a different expectation. Maybe the new tool doesn’t complement your other ones. Maybe a tool can simply be replaced by a better one. Ditch the ones you don’t need.

Don’t forget that a tool is just a tool. You’re still in charge to execute. But using the right tool and knowing how to use them both effectively and efficiently can be quite powerful and bring your ideas to life. That’s the exciting part!