Time to Wrap Up!


Recently I got an E-Mail from Apple that it’s time to upload Spectrum Run:

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Color Blindness


This is one of the “facepalm moments”. My upcoming game is all about colors and I haven’t even considered color blind people. The most frequent form is red-green color blindness (7 to 10% of all males, females should be under 1%, it’s a chromosome thing) [source]. That’s a lot of people and I’m glad I got this hint ...

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Light & Shadow


I'm not an artist. I have no clue how lights and shadows work, but I'm trying to get a sense of it. A lot of work I've done so far, was just pure intuition. Recently I came across a tutorial for pixel art and found the links to a quick guide and a complete one on lights and shadows. That was a really good lesson! I'...

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If you’re looking for inspiration and motivation for your game development or are interested in what independent game developers are thinking and feeling about their games, just go watch this documentary. NOW! Here’s a short trailer:

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Sprite Sheet Video


Andreas Löw just released a quite amusing and informative video for game developers about why using Sprite Sheets is so important. I mentioned Texture Packer in the last post, so this video fits perfectly.

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Sprites & Textures


I mentioned in the first post that I’m using cocos2d for Spectrum Run. It basically is a 2D game framework. You can import images/sprites, move them around, do whatever you want with them and much more! I’m using Texture Packer by Andreas Löw / code’n’web, which is a VERY handy tool for organizing sprite sheets. I w...

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This is my first blog entry, so I’d like to welcome you to my blog on tobiha.de and thank you for reading! Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter! This blog is all going to be about my app development projects in general. But my biggest ambitions are in game development, so you’re going to read about that...

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