Release of tooPassword This Sunday


tooPassword is something I’ve been working on lately and it’s already ready for release! It’s coming out this weekend on March 3, 2013. Check out my blog post [Update: Offline] there for more details. Basically it’s a low-priced 1Password reader for iOS! :smile:

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Spectrum Run 1.0.2 Update


Spectrum Run 1.0.2 update just came out and offers more iOS 6 features. The changes are:

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THLabel – UILabel Subclass


I am releasing a UILabel subclass, which allows shadow blur, stroke text and fill gradient. You can find it here: tobihagemann/THLabel

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Spectrum Run 1.0.1 Update


The first “minor” update of Spectrum Run is out now and took about a month with an unfortunate 1-week-delay because of a crash bug. I didn’t expect it would take that long. My initial plan was to fix some bugs and optimize the game. Just small things that would fit into a “minor” update. The official changes are:

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The Right Way Handling iPod Playback


I am pretty unhappy with the current implementation of audio handling in Spectrum Run. In fact a lot of games have mediocre or really bad audio handling. I’m talking specifically about dealing with iPod playback. I don’t know if it’s just me, but sometimes I want to hear my own music while playing games. And I want ...

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Making Vector Graphics Like Nerds


I'm working on a minor update for Spectrum Run. As for now, you can only see the global ranking of your scores in the "End Game" screen. I want to add friends ranking to it, so you don't have to switch to Game Center all the time to check your ranking. Instead of using texts I decided to visualize these separate ran...

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Spectrum Run Release


As you may know, Spectrum Run finally has been released! You can get it here. The past two weeks were crazy. It obviously started with submitting Spectrum Run to Apple. After 10 days staring at the status “Waiting For Review”, it switched to “In Review”. 3 hours later the game got rejected, because I used misleading...

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Time to Wrap Up!


Recently I got an E-Mail from Apple that it’s time to upload Spectrum Run:

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Color Blindness


This is one of the “facepalm moments”. My upcoming game is all about colors and I haven’t even considered color blind people. The most frequent form is red-green color blindness (7 to 10% of all males, females should be under 1%, it’s a chromosome thing) [source]. That’s a lot of people and I’m glad I got this hint ...

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Light & Shadow


I'm not an artist. I have no clue how lights and shadows work, but I'm trying to get a sense of it. A lot of work I've done so far, was just pure intuition. Recently I came across a tutorial for pixel art and found the links to a quick guide and a complete one on lights and shadows. That was a really good lesson! I'...

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